Paternal DNA Ancestors

Men have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome (the Y making them male). While women have two X chromosomes and no Y. It is the Y that is passed from father to son, to son, to son, etc

So, by looking at your Y chromosome type and comparing it to Y chromosomes types found all over the world and in all the different races, we can evaluate where your great paternal ancestors originated from and where they are distributed in the world today.

Because this test uses the Y chromosome, only men can have this test. A woman wanting to trace her fathers genetic ancestry could gain this information by using a sample from her fathers close relative ie brother, son etc.

The DNA Father wallchart portrays the story of your ancient ancestors, based on scientific analysis of DNA you inherited from your father. It traces your genetic line back to the beginnings of humanity in Africa and follows your ancestors' progress over tens of thousands of years as the human race gradually peopled our planet. A map showing the particular route your own ancestors took during these epic migrations illustrates their story.

The wall chart also identifies the genes that distinguish your own genetic line and shows how your ancestors' story fits into the vast family tree that unites the human race.

Men carry one X chromosome and one Y chromosome (while woman have two X chromosomes and no Y chromosome). The Y chromosome makes men male and is passed from Father to son. The Y chromosome will passed continually from Father to son, father to son, generation after generation.

Scientists from all over the world have looked at the Y chromosome profiles from different races and tribes from all over the world, and we now know that by the particular type of Y profile you have, can tell us specifically about your male ancestors.

Much like that of mitochondrial DNA, your Y DNA profile will label you into a certain Group;

For example:
Group R1a1 (M17) This marker arose between 10,000 to 15,000 years ago when a man of European origin was born on the grassy steppes in the region of present-day Ukraine or southern Russia.

Paternal DNA Ancestors

RESULTS: Your choice of two certificate types, modern or traditional.

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